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  • Become a Google Certified Digital Marketer
  • free domain name with 1-year GoDaddy hosting 100% free
  • Learn White hat, Grey hat & Black Hat Seo
  • Learn Social Media Marketing
  • Become an Expert in Google Analytics with Certification
  • Master the skills of Email Marketing
  • Rule the business with Google ads
  • Incorporate the powerful Skills of Social Media Marketing
  • Become an Expert in Keyword Research
  • 100% job placement Assistance

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Digital Marketing Course Students

Become a certified Digital Marketing Expert

Only a deep understanding of digital marketing concepts and skills can help you to grow onward and upward and getting certified along with those skills will add a stamp of excellence on your resume.

12 Certification in One Course

  • AdWords Fundamental
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Inbound Certification
  • Content Marketing certification
  • Email Marketing certification
  • Facebook blueprint Certification
  • Google Analytics Certificataion
  • DigitalParadize Certificate


core and Latest Components of Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Website Planning and Creation


Learn everything Realted to websites,domain name & hosting

Digital Marketing Overview


Learn Everything about Digital Marketing and How it works

Search Engine Optimization


Learn On-page SEO,Off-page SEO,Quality Backlinks,DA & PA

HTML5 , CSS , Xampp


Learn How to create a website by using HTML,CSS & localhost

Email Marketing & Buyers Journey


Learn How to Send personalized emails in bulk with mailchimp.

Google Analytics & Search Console


Learn How to measure your ROI with a better understanding of customers

Keyword Research with best strategy


best practices in industry to rank on the top 10 in google SERP

Google Ads & Facebook Ads


Brand awareness,Video ads,Lead Generation,Discovery ads.

What You Will Learn in Digital Marketing Course ?

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products or services using digital channels mainly on the internet to reach Potential Customers. Everyone needs to increase his/ her business through online marketing so that they can get the highest exposure through their ventures. If someone truly needs to promote his/ her trade online then it’s best to join this course, rather hiring Someone or outsourcing your business to a Digital Marketing Company.
If you’re are not using the right strategy to promote your business online then it may ruin all of your money and efforts you’ll make to promote your company.
Hiring Someone or outsourcing your work to an Internet Marketing Company may not provide you with the best quality result which is needed for your venture. That’s why it’s essential for you to know How Internet Marketing Works? Throughout this Digital Marketing Training Course, you will be working on your own website and going to Master all the concepts and skills.

Students Review

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student Review
student Review

Supriya dahiya

BSC Physics Honors

Being a science student and while persuaing bsc physics honors I never thought that I'll start learning digital marketing. I wanted to explore new things but also confused about it but when I talked to Mr Mukesh sir he gave me all the details of how this course works. So that gave me a little confidence of doing it, still I was not sure but after attending the demo class, the way he explained every thing made me think that I have made the right choice. Digital paradize is a great institute for learning digital marketing. I would like to thank Mr Mukesh Kumar for his support and the quality of trainning he provided. I explored new things and Mukesh sir always guided us how to crack interviews, what are the important thing that we should cover if we wanted to go in specific field. To anyone who wants to learn things easy and want to build a career in Digital Marketing, I would definitely recommend them to train with Digital Paradize for the best results.



Digital Paradize is a very good institute. I am very happy that under Mukesh Sir's guidance, I found a bright path for my career in digital marketing.

Aafreen Ansari

Web Developer

I joined digital paradize after reading it's reviews on internet and heard alot about this institute . My overall experience is really very satisfactory here and you will learn so many things in this course practically under the guidance of the best faculty. So over all value for money course and I will highly recommend all of job seekers to do this course.

Shatil Sagroli

Owner Of Hawk Eye Resort

Such a great experience, full of digital Marketing methods and challenges which take you deep inside the world of Digital Marketing. Great, supportive and lovely trainers who will never let you down. Lovely and kind administration who make the course and place warm and welcoming as your own home. The best part is the strength of the class it's 5-7 max.

Harjeet Kaur

Fashion Blogger

10/10 for digital Paradize as this is the best institute in delhi and I got everything what they promised.100% practical oriented training from the 2nd day till the last day.i have worked on directly on cloud as successfully submitted my project that is ranking no in google results so thanks you digital Paradize.

Nikita Rawat

MBA Student

Best teacher to learn digital marketing course in full depth. Teaching skill is awesome and clears each and every query with clear understanding. I will recommend it to everyone who are looking for digital marketing and other courses. I personally recommend to learn digital marketing in full depth from Mukesh sir

Sahil Kapoor

Maruti Suzuki Accounts

Best teacher to learn digital marketing course in full depth. Teaching skill is awesome and every query are being resolved with clear understanding. I personally recommend to learn digital marketing in full depth from Mukesh sir.

Garima sharma

MBA Student

Really great experience with the institute! They are providing better quality teaching than rest of the other institutes in delhi. I will recommend it to everyone who are looking for adroid training, digital marketing and big data courses.

36 Modules in One Course

Digital marketing Course incorporates all marketing works that use the internet and digital channels like search engines, social media platforms, email Campaign, and websites to connect with present and Potential customers. In Short term, Internet marketing represents a brand on the Internet and used to target potential customers through their online behavior. In this course, you will understand the complete need of Online Marketing and how it can boost any business in a very short span of time. would you believe me if I told you that the number of people who go online every day is still growing? In India, the number of internet users is more than 300million which is continuously growing day by day and the corporate giants know that today the root of any business is its Marketing Strategy. if roots are strong than the business will expand and grow easily. We all know how Quickly Amazon Business Grew all over the world and its still growing rapidly now its one of the biggest company on Earth. So Whether you're a complete beginner, business owner, Student, Entrepreneur, job seeker or marketing professional looking to upskill, this digital marketing program is perfect for you. Marketing has always been about connecting with your customers in the correct place and at the correct time. Now, that means you just need to meet them where they are now spending time: on the internet.

How to design, Plan and create an engaging website from scratch. What is website and why we need it? A website is a set of related web pages including multimedia served from a single web domain name which resides on a server. Everyone must need a website to have a presence on the internet and an engaging website is really important for online branding. Nowadays when the business Competition of marketing is rapidly getting wrapped by digital marketing, you are actually punishing your trade if you don't hold an online presence and the primary step towards making an online presence is to make a website. A website is the best way to represent your business in front of your potential customers. A person searching on internet related to your product or services can view those on your website at any time. This will definitely boost the growth and expansion of your trade! Website planning and creation begin from learning the basics of the internet and further advancements by using Word press. You will be able to create a complete website from scratch including pages,menu, post etc. Luckily if you are thinking that you need to learn programming languages don’t worry about it our CMS Wordpress is going to do the coding part for you.

Wordpress is world number one free opensource content management system based on PHP and MySQL and widely used by top bloggers worldwide more than 35% of the website on the internet are powered by WordPress. Developing a website by using WordPress is really very handy.No prior knowledge of coding is required and there are hundreds of the free themes are available on internet so you don’t need to spend more money on its maintenance .if there is anything which you cannot achieve by WordPress themes lots of plugins are available which extends the functionality of your website. Some topics which are included in this module are

1.WordPress installation.
2.theme installation
3.directory structure.
4.manual theme installation.
5.WordPress plugins.
6.theme customization.
7.Elementor page builder

Email marketing helps you connect with your viewers to expand your brand and boost sales. You can do a lot of stuff with emails, like sell goods, share some knowledge, or tell a story. You’ll see the highest return on investment when you create and maintain an interested subscriber list, made up of people who want to receive your messages. Although creating a clean list can take more practice at the starting of your email marketing plan. There are many ways to get people who’ll look onward to receiving your emails. To create an email list: Design an engaging signup form on your website. When people visit your website for the first time and cherish what they observe, they’ll need a way to stay connected with your website. when you’re invested by people who are into what you do, Emails can create a connection between you and your viewers. Learn how to use social media. If you don’t have an ample email list, Share your signup form on your social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. To increase subscribers to an existing list contest or discount offers work great. Get your emails easy to share and informative. When you create attractive, user-friendly emails, people will want to receive them and share them. Build a landing page if you want to grow your subscriber list. Landing pages extend one more way to increase your email list. Using your best representation and content, landing pages deliver people an effective call to action and drive email signups.

What is On-Page Seo?

On-page SEO is the method of optimizing web pages in order to rank higher on Search Engine Result Page and gain more traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code most importantly some few tags of a page that can be optimized for better ranking on SERP. In this module of Digital Marketing course in Delhi Students will learn how to work with various on-page SEO Techniques like creating a sitemap, filling meta tags, keyword proximity, prominence and keyword density of content after completing this course students are able to perform effectively On Page SEO. We left no stone unturned for our students so that they can only succeed that's why Digital Paradize is Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. What is a Search engine and how it works?
The goal of on page SEO
what are tags?
Meta tags(description,keyword,title)
Plugins for on page SEO
How categories, tags, Bounce Rate,url play an important role, keyword intensity
Outbound links internal links
Image optimization

Off-page Search Engine Optimization refers to the methods that can be used to increase the ranking position of a website in the search engine results page.it is the key factor which decides visibility of your product and services on the internet. Many people associate it with only link building but it is not only that.Off-page SEO refers to actions you can perform outside the boundaries of your website. The most powerful are: Link Building Social Media Marketing Social bookmarking In this module students will learn how to rank a particular keyword on search engine result page by using off page SEO techniques like creating backlinks, blogs, articles, classified, social bookmarking, content sharing etc Some topics which are included in this module What is Wayback Machine, Alexa ranking, Ahref, DR, PR, DA? Content is King, Influencer Outreach Link Building(Quality vs Quantity) Benefits of Social BookMarking Impact of Forum Submission Directly submission (Quality Backlinks) Article Submission How Answering Questions on Social Networking Website Can improve your website ranking Image,video,document and ppt submission

What Is White Hat SEO?

The term "white hat SEO" refers to Search Engine Optimization strategies that Do not violate the terms and conditions of the major search engines, like Google, Bing etc. white hat SEO include: Giving quality content and services, Fast site loading times and Responsive website, Using descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags, Making your site easy to navigate, Why Are White Hat SEO Techniques Important? As the number one search engine, Google is visited by millions of people per day, and each visit presents the potential for your site to be discovered by a new user. Google is a powerful reference of traffic to your website, and being banned can result in a drastic decrease in website traffic and even business. Think all the work that belongs to your website and then think about what it would be like to be banned from the internet's most used search engine.there is no guarantee that they will ever re-list you. A lifetime ban from Google would have huge consequences. Why risk it? Check out a comprehensive description of Google-approved SEO methods at Webmaster Guidelines.

Black hat Search Engine Optimization is a method against search engine guidelines, used to get a website ranking higher in Search Engine Result Page. These unethical techniques don’t solve for the searcher and usually end in a penalty from most search engines like Google, Bing etc. Black hat SEO techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks. Understand how to stop your website from being banned from search engines. This will make you an Expert in Seo and after completing this module you will know how to rank your website on Search Engine Result page without violating any guidelines of Search Engines.

Growth hacking is a Technique of rapid experimentation across marketing business to identify the most efficient and effective way to expand a business. A growth hacking Strategy specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business.Growth hackers often focus on low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing instead of buying advertising. Growth hacking is particularly prevailing with startups when the aim is rapid growth in the initial stages of launching a new product or service to market. Growth hacking focuses on decreasing cost per customer acquisition, or it may focus on long-term sustainability.It is about optimization as well as lead generation. growth hacking techniques contain various types of marketing and product strategy iterations to rapidly test efficient and effective marketing Strategies with a goal of increasing conversion rates and achieving rapid growth in business. It is a part of Internet marketing as in many cases growth hackers are using techniques such as search engine optimization, website analytics, content marketing, and A/B testing.

A competitor analysis is a crucial part of your company marketing plan. With this evaluation, you can discover what makes your product or service different therefore what attributes you play up in order to pull your target market. Evaluate your opponents by placing them in strategic groups according to how directly they compete for a share of the customer's money. For every competitor or group, enter their product or service, its profitability, growth pattern, marketing objectives and assumptions, current and preceding strategies, organizational and price structure, strengths and vulnerabilities, and sale of the competitor's marketing. Answer questions such as: Who are your opponents? What products or services do they trade? What is each competitor's market share? What are their current strategies, past strategies? What type of media channel is used to market their products or services? How many hours per week do they acquire to advertise through the media used in this market? What are each competitor's strengths and vulnerabilities? What potential possibilities do they make available for you? A fast and easy way to associate your product or service with similar ones on the market is to create a competition grid. Take a piece of paper, write the names of five products or services that compete with yours. To help you create this list, guess what your buyers would buy if they didn't purchase your product or service or vice versa for your competitors. On top of the paper, list the main points and features of each product or service. Include such things as a target market, price, method of advertisement, list prospective buyers, where the service is available, price, website, toll-free phone number, and other features that are relevant. A glimpse at the competition grid will help you to notice where your product hangs in the overall market

Google algorithms are a complicated automated system made by Google specialists to retrieve data from its search index library. it delivers the best possible results for a search query on the basis of various ranking factors to deliver web pages ranked by relevance on its SERP. In this module, you will learn how the Google algorithm works and what are the various Google algorithm updates. It is really very important to understand how the Google algorithm works because this is the only skill which will help you to rank your keywords on the first page of SERP.

A lead is a person who has indicated the interest in your business as a customer. Some examples of lead generators are Smartphone apps, blog posts, discount offers, coupons, live events, and online content.

A/B testing is a method of examining two versions of a webpage versus each other to decide which one performs better. AB testing is basically an analysis where two or more alternatives of a page are shown to users for testing, and statistical analysis is used to determine which One performs better for a given conversion goal. Operating an AB test that immediately compares a variation toward a current experience lets you know about changes to your Landing Page, and then gather data about the consequence of that change. A/B Testing takes the different strategy and guesswork out of webpage optimization and allows data-driven decisions that drive business communications from "we believe" to "we know." By including the result that changes have on metrics, and by applying them you can guarantee that every change provides positive results.

In today's digital era, Influencer marketing is widely used in which influential personalities are targeted rather than the targeting market as a whole on social media. It recognizes the people who have influence across potential buyers and focus marketing activities around these influencers. Influencer Marketing is the process of identifying, researching the people and strategies which can highly-impact conversation with customers and influence them to use your product and services. We will teach you secret tips used by top influencer Marketing experts in detail.

HTML Stands for Hypertext Markup language. the students are provided complete knowledge of HTML code structure regarding On Page SEO, Landing page creation and Email template editing which is an essential part of the lead conversion. After Completing this Digital Marketing Course module students will be able to create a landing page from scratch and can easily customize any HTML Website Templates.

CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheets It is used to design an HTML webpage and it is responsible for making a website responsive. In this module of Digital marketing Course, Students will Learn basic knowledge of CSS.

In this module of digital marketing, the course is specially designed for those students who want to start their own youtube channel. It covers all the basics of creating and editing videos for uploading on youtube

In this Module you will learn about online image editing tools. Which contains logo design, poster design, flyer design, etc

you will learn how to write engaging content for targeted audience.you will also learn how to identify what type of content should you write on your website etc.

Google AdWords is an online promotion platform developed by Google, where businesspeople pay to display ads on SERP,Google Ads' is based partially on cookies and partially on keywords determined by sponsors. Google uses these features to place advertisement copy on pages where they think it might be suitable. Promoters pay when users redirect their browsing to click on the advertisement link. Partner websites get a share of the produced income. Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), is an online advertising form used to lead traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked

In this module of digital marketing course, you will learn all the rules and laws related to website creation, privacy policies, copyright, trademark etc

In this module you will learn how to monetize your website and earn money online. Google Adsense is one of the trusted sources for earning money through your blog it is a free, simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website. Learn about all the basics related to ads like:- Text Ads, Display Ads, Rich media ads, Dynamic image ads, Video Ads, HTML ads, Link units, Responsive Ads, Matched content,

Google's web analytics used for intelligent data collection and analysis so you can track and grow your business performance. Analytics features are data collection, processing and configuration, and more complex analysis and marketing tools. Some topics which are covered in this module are:- Why we need analytics? How does Google Analytics work? Google Analytics set up with view and filters, Google Analytics Dashboard and shortcut setup, Understanding and Creating Reports, Audience reports, Acquisition reports, Behavior reports, Campaign and Conversion Tracking,

In this module of digital marketing course you will learn Magento 2.3 it is open source and 100 percent completely free written in php. It is the best cms for developing and maintaining an e-commerce website.

Adobe Spark is a unified suite of storytelling applications for the mobile and web developed by Adobe Systems. It includes three isolated design apps: Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. adobe spark is a part of Creative Cloud. The content automatically saves on the cloud. This available Adobe Spark web app syncs with Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video iOS mobile apps, allowing a consumer to create, edit and share their visual story from any device. These three design apps permit users to simply create and design visible content that can be utilized for businesses, education, social media marketers, and so much more. The Spark studio highlights different designs made by people using the application. When using the three applications the user has the capability to import pictures. The search engine for pictures fetches images tagged with the Creative Commons licensed for use again.

In this module of the digital marketing course in Delhi you will learn in depth about Facebook Marketing. Facebook carry on to be the ruling champion of social Networking sites, as the rank one place where friends connect and share online. beyond just a meeting spot for friends, Facebook has developed into a meeting point for enterprises to market themselves through connection with customers and self-promotion. Either you’re a big corporation or a small local business, Facebook is a strong marketing tool – it’s an excellent space to hold customers, develop a brand, and expand our reach.

Your Marketing strategy to every social media site should be distinct. For instance, your Twitter marketing approach isn’t going to be the just the same as your Pinterest or Facebook marketing plan. Exploring how Twitter dealing and where it fits in the social media geography will form the way you use it. few of the primary ways businesses use Twitter comprise: Sharing facts and content Driving involvement for promotional activities communicating with consumers Reaching out Branding Reputation management As you can recognize, maximum of these activities have to do with interactions. It’s not mandatory just about broadcasting your content like Instagram or Pinterest, for example. Twitter thrives off communication. It’s time to go over and above the “set up your profile correctly” and “follow influencers” tips. We’ll go over real Twitter marketing tactics that will help you be more successful, and the steps you need to take to market like the pros.

In this module of the digital Marketing Course you will learn Instagram Marketing. Have you ever imagined, I enjoy scrolling into my personal feed, but I don’t associate if my brand is a good fit for Instagram…? If you answered yes, think these stats: Instagram has over 800 million current monthly users 60% of grown-ups online use Instagram 80% of the app’s user home is outside the U.S.There are 25 million company profiles on Instagram 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business, and 60% say they’ve studied of a product or service by the platform.

LinkedIn isn't just for professionals and job seekers. Sure, millions of professionals use LinkedIn every day to expand their networks and their professions, but did you know you can use LinkedIn to build your business, too? From offering connections to making leads, building partnerships and formulating better brand recognition, LinkedIn makes a valuable addition to your digital marketing career. It is a professional social network. It's all about career advancement, professional conjunctions, industry examinations and other types of business-related ventures.

In this modules of the digital marketing course in Delhi, you will learn about Video Marketing. Today every Top Brands need a video marketing strategy. We all know how important video has become on every platform and channel. According to a new HubSpot Research opinion, four of the top six channels on which global consumers view the video are social channels. By the end of this module, you have a solid understanding of video Marketing.and how video Marketing can boost your lead generation and website ranking. Fundamentals of YouTube channel(s), how to create your YouTube channel banner, selection of keywords and Organic Traffic, Keyword Planning and Report creation,

In this module of the digital marketing Course in Delhi you will learn Display ad. Display ad is displaying and promoting your product and services on websites or social media by banners or other ad formats formed of text, images, flash, video, and audio etc. It is used to present general advertisements and brand messages to site visitors. In 2019 Facebook and Twitter will take more than 40% of display ad spending market share. Google’s display campaigns strike 80% of global internet users. So this module will make you understand how and when Display ad is effective and cost-efficient.

In this module of the digital marketing course, you will learn how to develop an e-commerce website by using WordPress.

E-commerce marketing is the act of stimulating awareness and action to a business that sells its product or service electronically. E-commerce marketers can handle social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors and promote purchases online.

Doubleclick is a Google business for making money from online advertising and publishing. This is done by: Ad-serving, Ad delivery, Behavioral targeting, This comes in two categories: Targeting for one website owner, Targeting in advertising networks

WordPress plugins are part of the software that can be uploaded to extend the functionality of your WordPress website.

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Any graduate or 12th pass who is passionate about the Digital Marketing course can learn, get trained and make a very successful career in Digital Marketing Course. Some technical knowledge is needed that you can easily gain in this 36 module course. Our Digital Marketing Course is Designed to train you from scratch, provide hands-on real projects and provide job grooming as well as job support.

  • Passion for problem solving
  • Intersted in learning new things


Digital Marketing becomes a big game changer in most of the modern industries over the last few years.More than 75% of companies are investing or are planning to invest in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing jobs have been created in almost all industries and countries but there is still a large number of unfilled jobs across the globe due to the shortage of required skill.

  • Certified 7+ years of Experienced Trainer
  • Salary Growth
  • 100% Job Placement Assistance
  • Huge Job Opportunities
  • work on live Websites


Why Digital Paradize?

We Digital Paradize is a Team of 9+ yrs Experienced IT professionals. the reason is, we don’t give up. We believe you are joining Digital Paradize for learning knowledge that is useful and complete and which will help to you get a better job and better business. We are passionately committed to delivering industry validated courses our every module is designed by industry experts after doing deep research on current trending requirements in the industry. This Course is for every one student, entrepreneur and job seeker.



Digital Marketing has become a big game changer in most of the businesses over the last few years.More than 75% of companies these days are investing or are planning to invest in Internet Marketing in the upcoming years. Digital Marketing jobs have been generated in nearly all industries but there is yet a huge number of unfilled jobs across the globe due to a shortage of needed skills. Internet Marketing is typically a widespread term intended for promoting product and services of any business through the Internet. It gives higher profitability and returns on investment. Hence, they seek for skilled professionals to take care of their Digital marketing. Learning Digital Marketing will gain you a skill-set that will be quite beneficial to your career – be it full time or freelancing job. Become an entrepreneur Earn money online via Affiliate Marketing
Digital Paradize Digital Marketing Trainers are certified and have more than 9 years’ hand on experience in Internet Marketing training. Our trainers are industry recognized experts With Experience on several global projects who have trained thousands of students and working professionals. Our Placement team is always active to inform students about the ongoing Digital Marketing job placements.
What are you trying to achieve through Digital Marketing? Are you seeking to grab higher brand awareness or are you seeking to get more client contacts to contact them directly? Are you trying to help people identify your product/brand/company or helping your customers generate better brand equity? Digital Marketing, can be planned to accomplish any of your marketing demands. Blindly following what others are doing without understanding where you want to be is usually the reason why Digital Marketing strategies tend to fail. Knowing correctly the platforms where buyers are present and would cooperate more. Example of a B2C portfolio of products say Shoes, Shirts, Gadgets, fashion accessories etc, obviously, Facebook or Google AdWords would make sense. However for a more audience, suppose you are a constructor and wants to sell houses worth 2 CR and need leads to proceed, utilizing LinkedIn along with these mediums will give more positive results since the targeting can be better there. Digital Marketing is comparatively inexpensive, but it's not free!! You need to know how much you can spend, and need to divide the budget intelligently across platforms, holding tight control over the metrics so as to determine the Return on Investment. The costing varies across platforms. I usually like to run testing on the chosen platforms for a fortnight and then see the performance, adjusting the resource allocation subsequently. You can do the similar with a different time period, as per your preference and strategy. Be mentally prepared to play with amounts: The most important part of any digital marketing performance is trend investigation.
Yes,If you are not satisfied after taking 3 classes,you can ask Head of the department for refunding your fees.Digital Paradize Digital Marketing Course is developed by Experts and The course Module are industry validated.So Overall you will get a updated course with 9+ years of Experienced Certified Trainers.

When you start something new, you learn very fast. It takes a few days to reach the beginner level. From beginner to intermediate level, it takes weeks, and from intermediate to expert level, it takes months. So an average person needs 3 months to master the skills of Digital Marketing and crack the cloud era certification examination with the dedicated study. our Digital Marketing course modules are practical oriented what you need to do is just complete your Assignments and Projects on time and maintain punctuality in your classes of Digital Marketing .try to avoid skipping a single class of Digital Marketing although we have a backup class for students who unfortunately miss their classes with serious reasons. So you don't need to worry about your missed Digital Marketing classes

There are so many reasons 1. Our Digital Marketing trainer have more than 9+ years of Experience. 2.Course Modules are designed by doing research on ongoing need of the industry. 3.We provide free backup classes. 4.We take assesment test after each module. 5.We provide job assistanc. Our placement team will keep updating you about the ongoing placement interviews until you get a job. We are work on each student to give them best training

Yes We provide,About The Internship. Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include creating and maintaining WordPress website Planning and Executing digital marketing campaigns, including web, SEO/SEM, Email Marketing, social media, and display advertising. • Develop and manage Online marketing campaigns. Oversee a social media strategy. • Creating reports on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns.

Yes, we will give you Digital Paradize Pvt Ltd. Digital Marketing Course certificate with Google certification study material and from the very first week you will get your free domain name with 1-year web hosting completely free. and on the regular interval, you will have your Assesment test which will help to improve your skills.


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